Black Wake


Black Wake Movie - Produced by Carlos Keyes - Exclusive comments/photos, plus trailer: Lovecraftian terror on the beach in “BLACK WAKE”

Up for some seaside scares? The independent chiller BLACK WAKE takes some cues from H.P. Lovecraft, and we’ve got exclusive words from the filmmakers and photos, plus the trailer, past the jump.

BLACK WAKE, filmed in the New York/New Jersey area, is directed by Jeremiah Kipp, who has made a number of acclaimed shorts including THE CHRISTMAS PARTY, THE POD and PAINKILLER, scripted by Jerry Janda and produced by Carlos Keyes. Brazilian actress Nana Gouvea (pictured above) stars as a scientist looking into mysterious deaths on Atlantic Ocean beaches who discovers that what is first believed to be a parasitic threat may be a terror of far greater magnitude. The cast also includes Eric Roberts, Jonny Beaumont, Rich Graff, Jeremy Fernandez, Kelly Rae LeGault (1st photo below), Tom Ryan, Christopher Stadulis, Kaylin Iannone and Tom Sizemore.

“I wanted to write a film about a new species of parasite—similar to insects, but a larger version that targeted people,” Janda tells Fango. “I knew how these parasites would infect hosts, but I struggled with the why. Then, while I was sitting on a beach staring out at the ocean, Lovecraftian inspiration hit me. I decided to expand upon my basic idea by exploring some of Lovecraft’s themes, but without borrowing any of his deities or cursed tomes overtly. This approach allowed me to develop a much deeper motivation for the parasites and gave me the freedom to put my own apocalyptic spin on the Lovecraft mythos—right down to the introduction of an entirely new type of Necronomicon.”

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